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General Secretary Pyakurel urged the ICC to suspend the suspension of the Cancer

According to the press conference in the capital of Nepal, organized by a press conference in the capital of Nepal, Nepali Cricket Federation has said that despite being suspended, Nepal Cricket has been presented with flexibility in getting the exit. [19659002] Elected general general secretary Ash Speaking at the program, Kanath Pyakurel said that there will be a special initiative for the suspension of the Nepal Cricket Association for the long time in the general assembly of the Nepal Cricket Association, which will take place in the general assembly on 5th of 5th and this suspension made by the ICC in our cricket association. “We said that it would be impossible to get the exit soon Yakurel has always been in favor of the law and process and in the coming days in our cricket union, we are ready to adopt the flexibility of doing so. “[19659003] On special occasion of May 6, District Council of District District and ICC Talking about the draft resolution in the presence of the representatives, we were from the general assembly We have taken the confidence of reaching the point of view. In order to repay the suspension of our elected land, cricket affiliates have also urged the can-be-affiliated bankruptcy obligations, including their responsibility. [19659003] The special general assembly of the Kens seriously stressed the accusations of Nepali cricket by fixing the cancer of the world All for faster suspension Yoga and related support and expressed the hope that the party will be presented with great responsibility and said the suspended instability.

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